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We’re already looking forward to events in December!  Ms. Skogley has an explanation of how the Winter Program will be different this year:  Music Letter 1

November, 2018

Happy November Broadwater Families! I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween.  The kids looked great today at school!  We are starting off the month with a very fun event. Our students (with the exception of Mrs. Delaney’s class-they will be celebrating Dia De Muertos) will be heading to Carroll College to watch the women’s basketball game.  We will NOT be allowing the students to get concessions.  If you come to the game, PLEASE do not buy your child or a group of children concessions.  We are there to watch the game, which starts immediately after lunch so our kiddos should be able to enjoy the game and learn a little bit about basketball without having to have something to eat.  We ALL appreciate your cooperation with this!  THANK YOU!  Every class selected one student as their “Champion of Character.”  These students will be announced at half-time of the game.  Of the 13 Champions of Character, one has been selected to represent all of Broadwater and will be introduced on the floor at half-time.  Those students will be announced tomorrow morning.  I am so proud of our students-many of whom are Champions of Character ALWAYS!

November is also the month of a wonderful Broadwater Parent Council fundraiser-the Broadwater Raffle!  The prizes this year are simply amazing, so I hope you all can make efforts to sell a book of tickets. The Parent Teacher Council will be sending home raffle tickets the week of November 5th.  Our goal is for every student to sell a book of 5 tickets.  If your family does not want to sell tickets, please return the envelope to the office ASAP so other families have the opportunity to sell them. Details on cost, prizes, drawing date and more are included with the tickets.  We do have several students who love to sell more than one book of tickets, so please return any tickets that you will not be able to sell.  Every student who sells a book of tickets will also be entered in their own drawing for more great prizes.  Thank you for helping with this!

HPMP, the Montessori parent group will be meeting Monday, November 5 at 5:30.  I hope you all can attend!  The meeting is at Smith School in the library.  All Montessori families are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Wednesday, November 7 is Picture Retake Day!  This usually just happens in the morning.  All students who were absent on Picture Day, or want retakes, will be getting pictures done on this day.

On Friday, November 9, we will be having our second movie night of the year!  We will be showing Wall-E starting at 6:15 PM.  Remember that all students must be accompanied by a responsible adult.  Please consider signing up to help!  Many hands make light work and we appreciate all the help we can get!  Thank you!

On Monday, November 12 our Parent Council meeting will be held at 6:30 PM in the teacher’s lounge.  We always provide free childcare, so please join us!

On Monday, November 12, the Parent Survey will open for parent input.  We truly use the surveys as a tool for improvement, so PLEASE take a few minutes to take the survey.  Our goal is for 150 parents to fill out surveys.  That is a lofty goal-the most we’ve ever had is 116, so we hope you will help us reach our goal.  We can’t do it without you!  On November 12, Please go to:  Then type in the code 426704.  This will link you to the survey.  Super easy!  THANK YOU!   This will be open from Nov. 12-23.

On Friday, November 16, Miss Montana Laura Haller will be coming to Broadwater for her Crown to Classroom Tour.  She will be here at 2:15.

We do not have school Wednesday, November 21-Friday, November 23.  I hope you all have a very happy Thanksgiving!

On Monday, November 26 some of our classes will be heading to the Civic Center to enjoy Nutcracker on the Rocks!  This is an exciting opportunity for our kids.  More information will be coming from your child’s teacher if your child’s class is attending.

On Wednesday, November 28 we will be ending our first trimester of the school year.  It is so hard to believe that we will be one third of the way through the school year!  Report cards will come home the next week.  Hopefully you all set some goals with your students after Parent-Teacher Conferences.  Keep encouraging your students to be proactive and meet their goals!

We are enjoying teaching the students the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  The staff read the book, The Leader in Me by Stephen Covey in September.  In October, we taught the students the first habit:  Be Proactive.  Here is Covey’s definition of a proactive student:  I am a responsible person.  I take initiative.  I choose my actions, attitudes and moods.  I do not blame others for my mistakes.  I can only be offended if I choose to be.  Please help us by reinforcing what it means to be proactive!

On November 20, we will start the second habit:  Begin with the End in MindI plan and set goals.  I do things that have meaning and make a difference.  I am an important part of my classroom and contribute to my school’s mission and vision, and look for ways to be a good citizen.

At Broadwater, we work hard to develop well-rounded students who are compassionate, critical thinkers and life-long learners.  I encourage you to join us in promoting these habits!  THANK YOU!

I hope you all have a wonderful November.  The weather is definitely changing, so it will be important to send warm clothing every day!  If you need any assistance with coats or boots, please visit with me or your child’s teacher.  We want EVERYONE to be able to enjoy the snow and stay warm while doing so!

Mrs. Sweeney

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Broadwater Elementary Handbook Revised

Class Supply List 2018-2019  Class supply lists are also available at most local businesses to help you find all the items you’ll need for a great year.  The ‘Stuff the Bus’ program is also up and running.  You can drop off supplies to donate at any of the local sites, and students will be able to get supplies through this program if purchasing them is a financial hardship.

Stuff the Bus Information

Report cards:  This is just one way we share information with families, so please feel free to ask a teacher if you have any questions or concerns.  (We do not have an electronic version of the Kindergarten report card at this time.)

Report Card Grade 1 CCSS 2.0 18-19

Report Card Grade 2 CCSS 2.0 18-19

Report Card Grade 3 CCSS 2.0 18-19

Report Card Grade 4 CCSS 2.0 18-19

Report Card Grade 5 CCSS 2.0 18-19

Posted on January 6, 2015

Keeping Kids Healthy

There are a number of things families can do to help keep their children healthy and in school:

  • Remind your children to frequently wash their hands; before they eat, after they have recess and after they use the bathroom.  Proper hand washing is the single most important behavior in preventing the transmission of many infectious diseases
  • Avoid close contact  with children and adults who are showing signs of illness
  • Check with your health care practitioner about immunizations for those diseases that can be prevented with vaccination ie: Influenza, Chicken Pox, Pertussis, etc.
  • Remind your student to cough into his elbow or shoulder

In addition, to help keep our school community healthy please keep your student home if:

  • S/He has a fever of 100 degrees or over
  • S/He appears ill and you suspect it may interfere with his ability to be an active learner ie: s/he is coughing repeatedly
  • S/He has nausea and vomiting, cramping or diarrhea

If you have questions or concerns about school health, please feel free to contact our school nurse.

Posted on January 6, 2015

Broadwater Temperature Guidelines

Above 10 degrees–no restrictions

10 degrees to zero–duration of recess may be limited and announced

zero or below zero–indoor recess

Wind chill factor is considered in determining outdoor recess.

Broadwater uses a weather station located at the school as the source of information used to determine temperature decisions at Broadwater School.