Jennifer Skogley

Our annual Christmas concert is coming up (sooner than we might think!).  Please be sure to read the information about the program that was sent via email from Mrs. Sweeney.  I’ve also posted copies of both the letters home on this webpage (over on the right side, part way down).  We have some MAJOR changes to the program this year, so please read the information so you are prepared when December 12th rolls around.

When does my child have music?

Kindergarten (Mrs. Lebrun and Mrs. Sexton)

  • Wednesday-Friday

1st Grade (Mrs. Cohn and Mrs. Schillinger)

  • Monday-Friday (1S)
  • Monday-Wednesday (1C)

2nd Grade (Mrs. Sichelstiel)

  • Monday-Friday

2/3 Combo (Mr. Feuerstein)

  • Monday-Wednesday

3rd Grade (Mrs. Barta)

  • Wednesday-Friday

4th Grade (Mrs. Higgins & Mrs. Delaney)

  • Monday-Wednesday (4H)
  • Wednesday-Friday (MTD)

5th Grade (Mrs. Kingston & Mrs. Hovley)

  • Monday-Friday (5H)
  • Wednesday-Friday (4/5K)

Lower Montessori (Ms Smaka and Mrs. Harris)

  • Monday-Wednesday (MTS)
  • Monday-Friday (MTH)

Upcoming Events

  • December 12, 2018

    Once Upon a Holiday


    Join us at the Helena Middle School auditorium for our annual Christmas concert!  Please note that this is a change in venue, and the students will be performing only once at 1:00 on December 12th.

Jennifer Skogley's Schedule

  • Monday-Wednesday-Friday

    Broadwater Elementary

  • Tuesday-Thursday

    Jim Darcy Elementary