Jennifer Skogley

Welcome back to a brand new year in the Broadwater music room!  I’m thrilled to be back for my 11th year of teaching at Broadwater (although I’m not sure where the other 10 years went!).  I’ll post information about upcoming programs here throughout the year, as well as the trimester music newsletters.  Here’s to a great fall!

When does my child have music?

Kindergarten (Ms. Pettit and Mrs. Sexton)

  • Wednesday-Friday

1st Grade (Mrs. Cohn and Mrs. Vogt)

  • Monday-Friday (1V)
  • Monday-Wednesday (1C)

2nd Grade (Mrs. Sichelstiel)

  • Monday-Friday

2/3 Combo (Mr. Feuerstein)

  • Monday-Wednesday

3rd Grade (Mrs. Barta)

  • Wednesday-Friday

4th Grade (Mrs. Higgins & Mrs. Kingston)

  • Monday-Wednesday (4H)
  • Wednesday-Friday (4/5K)

5th Grade (Mrs. Delaney & Mrs. Hovley)

  • Monday-Friday (5H)
  • Wednesday-Friday (MTD)

Lower Montessori (Mrs. Harris and Mrs. Smith)

  • Monday-Wednesday (MTS)
  • Monday-Friday (MTH)


Upcoming Events

  • December 13, 2019

    A Technicolor Holiday


Jennifer Skogley's Schedule

  • Monday-Wednesday-Friday

    Broadwater Elementary

  • Tuesday-Thursday

    Jim Darcy Elementary