December at Broadwater: Even though social distancing and time constraints limit what we can do to make December festive, we have a few fun things planned over the next few weeks. We are doing winter riddles through announcements, some small winter-themed crafts, and having a Countdown to Winter Break with theme days.  Next week, our first in-person day (Monday for A day, Thursday for B day) will be Keep your Toes Warm! Wear funny, fuzzy socks to school.  Our second in-person day (Tuesday or Friday, depending on cohort) will be Flannel Day! Wear a warm flannel shirt or flannel pajama pants to school. This is, of course, completely optional and is simply for fun.  Let us know if you have any questions!

Music Announcement: Jennifer Skogley, our wonderful music teacher, has the following message:

Hello, Broadwater families!  I just wanted to drop a quick note about our usual winter concert.  Obviously we will not be able to have our concert this year, given the situation and restrictions associated with COVID-19.  While this makes me sad, I do have plans to share a few videos with families via Class Dojo.  These short little snapshots will be a quick glimpse into what activities we’ve been working on in music.  These videos won’t be performance level polished and ready, but more of a peek into our everyday activities in music.  I will be posting these videos near the end of December (week before break) in the hopes that I can get some 2nd and 5th grade activities ready to roll.  (2nd and 5th only started music on Nov. 30, so if we don’t have time to get an activity ready in December, I will post their videos in January).

How to Wear a Mask from the Lewis and Clark Health Department.

Woman wearing a mask