Yes, much interesting and varied learning is planned for the Broadwater Library in 2017 – 2018!

We look forward to reading for fun and for information; we will research and learn about many relevant topics, and we will learn how to be safe and ethical digital citizens. 

Computers! Much of our learning involves computers.

Stay tuned!

(Our thanks to the late Gene Wilder for his portrayal of Willie Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 1971; and to for the above meme.)

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First-graders use computers for learning to read.

Friends of the library painted these chairs. The kids – all ages love them!















BOOK FAIR!  October 23 – 27

Zara and Camille demo using laptops carefully.


Students in several classes put on short skits demonstrating the technology use rules.

Fran and Medea demo right way to use computers.

Quincey plays the teacher and Jackson the student

James and Ciara







WALK TO SCHOOL DAY, October4, 2017     Students help promote the Book Fair.


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